C# Futures: Lambda Attributes

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Attributes are a key part of .NET’s metadata processing capabilities. They are used by compilers, static analyzers, and runtime libraries for a variety of purposes. While normal functions/methods can have attributes, prior to this proposal lambdas and anonymous functions could not. While in theory any attribute applicable to normal functions/methods could be applied to a lambda, there are new attributes being considered specifically for them. These new attributes control what… Read More »C# Futures: Lambda Attributes

C# Futures: Deferred Error Handling

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When writing robust software, there is often a need to perform a series of retrievable operations. In order to make the system robust, each operation in the series can be coded so it is independent of the status of the previous operation. As a concrete example, consider a file processing pipeline. The first step in the pipeline may be to poll a file server and download any newly detected files.… Read More »C# Futures: Deferred Error Handling